Presentation and objectives of communication initiatives

The Cosmetosciences program aims to spread scientific culture for the general public. Various actions to disseminate knowledge and popularize science are implemented on a regular basis. With the help of the national cluster Cosmetic Valley, Cosmetosciences also targets skilled workers with specialized communications at trade fairs and congresses.
A preferred partnership with local players was quickly set-up to offer “cosmetic” events intended for the general public: Science Fairs, Open House Days, cosmetic popularization lectures, intervention in schools (presentation of research and cosmetics professions), student seminars, etc.

"Les cahiers de Cosmétosciences"

Advertising and editorials published in the professional magazine Expression Cosmétique:

Cosmétosciences - Cahier Cosmétosciences - Projet Valorose
Cosmétosciences - Cahier Cosmétosciences - Projet PLASMACOSM
Cosmétosciences - Cahier cosmetosciences - Projet New Biomarkers
Cosmétosciences - Cahier cosmetosciences - Projet REPELIV'
Cosmétosciences - Cahier Cosmetosciences - Projet COSMICC
Cosmétosciences - Cahier Cosmétosciences - lancement projets R&D
Cosmétosciences - Cahier Cosmétosciences - plateforme biotechnologie
Cosmétosciences - Cahier cosmétosciences -Projet MISTIC
Cosmétosciences - cahier cosmetosciences


Our conferences for the general public

Cosmétosciences - Vieillir beau
Cosmétosciences - Conférence Nanotechnologies et cosmétiques
Cosmétosciences - Conférence cosmétique verte
Cosmétosciences - Lectures le Studium
Cosmétosciences - conférence Vieillir Beau 2017
Cosmétosciences - Mardi de la science - musée insolite
Cosmétosciences - Conférence Vieillir beau 2018
Cosmétosciences - conférence les plantes en cosmétique

Cosmetosciences on TV

Our preferred partners

Cosmétosciences - Maison pour la science

The Maison pour la science en Centre-Val de Loire opened its doors at 2014 academic year’s start at its regional center located within the University of Orleans. Its professional development offer is aimed at all teachers of the academy teaching science, from school to college.

Cosmétosciences - Centre Sciences

Regional center for the promotion of scientific, technical and industrial culture, Center Sciences’ mission is to share science with all the inhabitants of the Centre-Val de Loire region.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, our team remains at your disposal.