Our support for the Ambition Research and Development 2020 program

We would like to thank our various partners for their involvement in the Ambition Research and Development 2020 program funded by the Centre-Val de Loire Regional council.

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The University of Orleans is characterized by its multidisciplinary. It has 3 faculties, 1 engineering university school (Polytech), 4 University Institutes of Technology (IUT), 1 Higher Schools for Professors and Educators (INSPE), 1 Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe (OSUC), 1 University school of physiotherapy (EUK).

Over 19,000 students, including over 2,000 foreign students, attend one of the university’s sites.

Every year its international focus gets stronger. Its capacity for innovation is reflected in the dynamism of the research it leads and in the technology transfers to regional, national and international companies.

The wide range of study programmes offered by the University, which includes many vocational courses, is developed with a strong connection with Research. Thanks to schemes to receive and help students and adults alike with their vocational integration, the University of Orléans is a key actor in territorial development.

Cosmétosciences - Université de Tours

A multidisciplinary and health sector public establishment, the university has high potential and assets that ensure it fulfils European higher education and research standards.

As an acknowledged leader in its economic, social and cultural environment, the University of Tours is a cutting-edge, innovative establishment promoting humanistic values which are deeply rooted in a region overflowing with history and cultural heritage.

With 40 research laboratory, it is the first public research institution in the center region.
Key statistics : 22.000 students, including 2700 foreign students (120 nationalities) each year ; more than 1.300 teaching and research staff ; more than 1.000 technical and administrative staff.

Cosmétosciences - CNRS

The National Centre for Scientific Research is an interdisciplinary public research organisation under the administrative supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

With nearly 33.000 people dedicated to research, a budget in 2019 of 3.3 bilion euros and 1144 research laboratories in France and abroad, CNRS is among the world’s leading research institutions.

Its scientists explore the living world, matter, the Universe, and the functioning of human societies in order to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Internationally recognised for the excellence of its scientific research, the CNRS is a reference in the world of research and development, as well as for the general public.

Cosmétosciences - Cosmetic Valley

The world’s leading resource center in cosmetic perfumery, this competitiveness cluster brings together 800 businesses (including Dior, L’Oréal, Guerlain, Hermès, Coty, Paco Rabanne, Shiseido, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and 78% of SMEs which participate in promoting “Made in France” around the world), 8 universities, the CNRS, INRA (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment), 175 Research and Development projects and 226 research laboratories that develop innovative, efficient and eco-responsible industrial projects for the ‘beauty of tomorrow’.

Cosmétosciences - Le Studium

Across a series of different research programmes and an annual call for applications, the Smart Loire Valley Programme, LE STUDIUM attracts, selects and welcomes experienced international researchers into public and private regional laboratories for long-term residencies and organises scientific events and networking actions enabling the development of sustainable international collaboration and scientific interdisciplinary exchanges.

The development of human capital for research, development and innovation is at the heart of LE STUDIUM mission.

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