Non-confidential summary Bio4ACos

Non-confidential summary Bio4ACos

Microalgae represent a renewable alternative resource of active ingredients and cosmetic ingredients. These resources are still little known and have significant potential as sources of assets.

Microalgae extracts have been studied in recent years for their antioxidant, anti-pollution and / or anti-aging activity. Promising results have been obtained with different species such as Arthrospira platensis or Chlorella vulgaris.

One of the major problems with microalgae remains the mastery of the reproducibility of biomass and of the extractive processes guaranteeing a constancy of activity, thus constituting an obstacle to their development for the cosmetic market. The second frequently encountered obstacle is the lack of phytochemical characterization of the biologically evaluated extracts, which does not allow the identification of metabolites carrying biological activity.

The Bio4ACos project is interested in an extract of Chlorella which has demonstrated a promising anti-aging activity. The first part of the project will focus on a reproducibility study on the production of biomass, its extraction and its biological activity. The second part will focus on bio-guided fractionation of the active extract to identify the metabolites carrying the activity.

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