Non confidential summary VALOROSE

Non confidential summary VALOROSE

The Valorose project aims to investigate a plant that is particularly characteristic of the Centre-Val de Loire region, as it has marked a good part of its history for many years. Indeed, rose production was a very prominent activity in the Centre-Val de Loire Region and, in particular, in Orléans during the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, the creation and production of roses is less abundant, but it remains a regional signature. The production of roses generates a large biomass, consisting mainly of stems and roots, when preparing the cut flowers for sale. Today, this biomass is destroyed by incineration, although it contains numerous metabolites of interest, as preliminary work carried out at the University of Orleans (ICOA) has shown.

In this regional context, the present project aims to :

  • Set up a procedure for collecting from horticulturists in the Region the “ROSE” biomass for its valorisation.
  • Develop an eco-responsible extraction process compatible with cosmetic applications to obtain a standardised, reproducible and usable ingredient.
  • Characterize the phytochemical composition and the biological activity of the obtained extract.
  • Develop new functionalities to this material using enzymatic biotechnologies and chemistry.
  • Evaluate the new physico-chemical and biological properties of these modified materials.
  • Propose one or more active ingredient contributing to the innovation of skin care cosmetic products.

This project aims to be a proof of feasibility of the valorisation of “by-products” from horticulture and a model of short circuit between Research and Innovation relying only on plant resources and local partners (academic (ICOA) and industrial (Bothanicosm’ethic and BioEurope/Solabia group)) in order to promote complicity between the actors through proximity and to reduce Carbon costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, our team remains at your disposal.

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